Daily Moments Feb 27/17 – Monsters in her closet – haibun

Having had a frightful night last night,  filled with terror in her dreams, tonight she decided she would add an insurance.  She told herself, “Well, since Mother is not here to shoo away the monsters out of my closet, I have no choice, now do I?”  And she brought her down filled duvet and set it on her comfy couch. “No way will those evil spirits roam in the living room!”

searching for shelter
in her dreams

(C) Tournesol’17/02/27
Daily Moments – monsters in her closet – haibun


Blossoms on the bay (troiku)

doubt it not:
the blossoms of the tide also show
spring upon this bay

© Basho (Tr. Barnhill)

Oh the giddiness!
ruffles and crinolines
frilly waves

Oh the giddiness
rolling over laughing
foaming at the mouth

Ruffles and crinolines
rising and falling like –
can can dancers

Frilly waves
memories of yesteryear
our innocence

(c) Tournesol ’17/02/27

Written for: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.ca/2017/02/carpe-diem-1162-ueno-iga-province.html


Daily moments – tower of Babel – haiku – Feb 26 2017


How would the world be different if we all spoke the same language?  Would we listen to each other?  Is language really an issue?  Or is the apathy of too many people in the Western world that is perpetuated by the illusion of being too far removed geographically?  We don’t even understand each other on this side of the globe?  Heck, in North America we are strangers to each other if we have not traveled a little and even travelling only gives you a hint of what is going on in different states or provinces in North America.

Visiting Toronto, New York City or San Francisco for instance, is not the same as living there.  People give their perception on life in these mega cities.  Some even argue with me about what life is like in Toronto. [I am chuckling at that because I lived there for thirteen years. Heck!  What do I know, right?]  That said, even while living in Ontario, I was surprised to hear what people “thought” they knew about Québec.

I wonder what children are learning in history classes across the country.  My manager told me the other day that a friend of his in Nova Scotia said, John Cabot discovered Canada…really?  Um, I thought he discovered Newfoundland and Samuel Champlain discovered Québec.     I always learned in history that Canada was discovered by  Jacques Cartier, and he gave it the Huron-Iroquois name, “kanata” which means settlement.

I think this blogger explains misinformation so much better than me:

“Politics is bigger than us all, we can do nothing about it, it is a filthy game of interests and calculations. But life is ours, stories are ours, it is within our reach to empower others, it is within our reach to inform others about a reality of a whole country torn by war but still doing the impossible to celebrate life. It is within our reach to bridge the gaps between each other and get over political, social, religious and ethnic differences just for the sake of the one and only, for the sake of Syria.

People form their opinions and absorbs stereotypes based on what they receive on media; we have no right to complain about how that media works unless we offer an alternative.” Source: http://jamilaeyes.com/

So I suppose I have answered my question about language not being the real issue.  The news reported by mainstream media in US and Canada is too often questionable. [I am only mentioning North American because this is where I live.]  Yet, in this age of technology, there is no reason not to be curious enough and see what is being said in other parts of the world by people who are living and breathing their own realities and not just take for granted that we, foreigners, reporting in other countries may not have all the information. Sometimes we just don’t ask the right questions or is it that we choose which questions to ask to get answers we want to believe?”

nature’s jest
clear waters always flow
in babbling brooks


Even after reading a few articles on the same subject to see if I can sift through what is truth and what is not, I still know little.  But, I refuse to believe mainstream media at face value anymore…just tired of it.  Thankfully,  blogging has gotten me closer to the other side of the globe and we also share the love of poetry and storytelling.

How I choose to learn more now is by listening to people telling their stories in their own words.

Daily moments – tower of Babel – haiku – Feb 26 2017

This was written for Linda G. Hill on her Friday reminder for SoCS.

Mother Nature teases (haibun)

View from rooftop of Mount Royal
©Clr’17 View from rooftop of Mount Royal

She remembers sitting on the rooftop, admiring sunsets, late spring to autumn. As the temperature rises this week in our last week of February, Mother nature seems to be teasing les Québecois. She doesn’t put it passed a few restaurateurs who may set some chairs on their terraces this weekend so patrons can sip their café au lait or pint of beer inhaling the fresh air.

spring pokes its head
showers clear winter’s debris
snowbanks shrivel


Daily Moments – Mother Nature teases – February 24, 2017

shattered silence TROIKU


winter interlude
on frozen lake
stillness listens

winter interlude
clouds scatter making way
rising sun

on frozen lake
ice shifts at dawn
silence breaks

stillness listens
I bow at first light
the lake sings

© Tournesol’17/02/22

Haiku Horizons: Break

beginnings (haibun) – dVerse – Poets Pub – Monday Haibun

Staring at the title of her story, she smiles. Her mind drifts back in time and she relishes in the treasures of precious moments … priceless moments. The image of her six year self comes into focus as she tiptoes to his bedroom watching those adults kneeling around his bed…her mother, uncles, aunties and GrandMaman…whispering “Je vous salue, Marie” between choked sobs. He sees her in the doorway and smiles with his blue liquid eyes before the adults shoo her away. His smile embedded in her memory forever, seeing death as another beginning…how could it not be with that smile minutes before his last breath?

Her mind fast forwards to that time asking the chemist to write down on her receipt the results of her test…after years trying, the word had a lyrical sound to it, “positive”. Her mind hangs around that time in her life and she plays out those months in slow motion…”Oh my,” she thinks to herself, “The best things in life are really free!”

swelling belly
butterfly tickles
embracing life


dVerse Poets Pub – The Best Things in Lie are Free – Haibun


communion (haiku)


In regard to the poem, called “Oh, Morning Glory!”, Hirshfield quotes D. T. Suzuki:

“The idea is this: One summer morning Chiyo the poetess got up early wishing to draw water from the well…She found the bucket entwined by the blooming morning glory vine. She was so struck…that she forgot all about her business and stood before it thoroughly absorbed in contemplation. The only words she could utter were ‘Oh, the morning glory!’ At the time, the poetess was not conscious of herself or of the morning glory as standing against [outside] her. Her mind was filled with the flower, the whole world turned into the flower, she was the flower itself…

“The first line, ‘Oh morning glory!’ does not contain anything intellectual…it is the feeling, pure and simple, and we may interpret it in any way we like. The following two lines, however, determine the nature and depth of what was in the mind of the poetess: when she tells us about going to the neighbor for water we know that she just left the morning glory as she found it…she does not even dare touch the flower, much less pluck it, for in her inmost consciousness there is the feeling that she is perfectly one with reality.

“When beauty is expressed in terms of Buddhism, it is a form of self- enjoyment of the suchness of things. Flowers are flowers, mountains are mountains, I sit here, you stand there, and the world goes on from eternity to eternity, this is the suchness of things.” Taken from WomenMasters

the well –bucket
taken by the morning glory:
I ask for water
© Chiyo-Ni

My humble offering inspired by Chiyo-Ni’s haiku:

© OliG'15 (Gaspé - marguerite)
© OliG’15 (Gaspé – marguerite)

on a bed of daisies
prickly grass no longer,
dandelion puff

dandelion puff
my body


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Chiyo-Ni

universal love (troiku)


chanting her mantra
leaves nodding gracefully
by the maple tree

chanting her mantra
barely a sparrow’s lilt
lazy afternoon

leaves nodding gracefully
momentary pause
praising the sun

by the maple tree
hum shanti shanti shanti
all-embracing joy


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu…Shanti Shanti Shanti

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all. Peace, Peace, Peace.



sound of rain (senryu)

the sound of rain
bedtime lullaby


the sound of rain
a thousand feet
tap dancing


the sound of rain
tat tat tat
on a metal roof


the sound of rain
tapping on the window
a cat yawns


the sound of rain
angels in heaven


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai ~ The Sound of Rain

night rain (troiku)



the sound of rain
drumming against the window
lovers’ serenade

the sound of rain
in the night
muffling their moans

drumming against the window
keeping in time
with their heartbeats

lovers’ serenade
tangle of limbs


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – The Sound of Rain

after the snow storm (troiku) Daily moments Feb 13/17


Snow banks
adourning boulevards
after the snowstorm

snow banks
stretching to eternity
one giant wall

adourning boulevards
clean cut lines
understated chic

after the snowstorm
same redundant roar
all day long

(c) Tournesol’17

daily moments Feb 13/17 after the snowstorm

hidden dreams (Haiga-Troiku) daily moments Feb 12

Daily moments February 12 2017

(C) Clr'17
(C) Clr’17


Hope mixed with despair
from my bedroom window
dreams beneath the snow

hope mixed with despair
buried under heavy layers
winter laughs at me

from my bedroom window
lull of rumbling snow ploughs
drifting off to sleep

dreams beneath the snow
fleeting thoughts of blossoms
tulips pierce the snow


Rage (Six Word Story Challenge ~ Troiku)

I usually post six word story challenges on my other blog but it also inspired a haiku poem, so here it is.

The prompt at Six word Story is RAGE. I’ve written a sentence telling a story that ten inspired a Troiku, which is a new form of Haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.


Pray for nations whose leaders rage!


good leaders listen
pulse of a nation
sifting thru filters

good leaders listen
people speak openly
together they build

pulse of a nation
erratic can turn to calm
sign of good counsel

sifting thru filters
taking down walls that block



Trumpaphobia is the new millennium rage.

Written for Six Word Story Challenge

Dystopian nightmare (troibun) Daily Moments February 11 2017

In 2009 she moved to Montréal and the French translation of The Road by Cormac McCarthy(2006) had just come out. Her manager told her about the book, so she decided to read the original novel in English.  It stunned her how her manager kept saying how many people enjoyed this book, so she pursued.  Each chapter was still dark and depressing and by the time she finished the book all she could think was, “That was a waste of my time. I can think of many things to do to feel depressed that takes less energy.”

Now she is reading 1984, George Orwell (1949).  She never read it in school or college like many of her colleagues but perhaps the timing is right. She started reading it in December but had to stop for awhile since it was so disturbing. It reminded her a bit of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, another novel that took months to complete…so depressing but well written.

If one looks at the news, reads articles on the internet and the election results of her neighbours in the South, it all seems to come together in a very very bad way.



The Road
the spirit dies

The road
disturbing nightmare
abuse of power

Trumped up lies
making history

the spirit dies
stripped of free thinking
in a shadow world


Daily Moments – February 11 2017 – Dystopian Nightmare

touched (haibun)

among the bustle
trains, cars and buses
a beggar sits
a gift touches his cup
graced with silence

graced with silence
the eyes speak
a spirit touched

An image swims inside her head how one can truly touch the soul of a human being and they can respond silently with their eyes. Her heart is warm and filled with love. Do you hear it…screaming in the empty silence of the traffic? Do you hear the silent praise a mother shouts when her child comes home from school? Do you hear the echoes of refugees waiting in silent patience, the pain that touches us not enough?

in silence
meditating upon our sins
asking forgiveness


I had noticed two different prompts with the words Silence at Writing Wednesday and Touch at Tale Weaver at MindLovesMisery and the image was in my head but not sure if I could write this in a story form or waka. My muse finally graced me silently with the answer with the first tanka and then, I just got carried away in silent contemplation. Cheryl-Lynn R.

renga (Carpe Diem Haiku Kai)

waves come into the cove
one at a time {Jane Reichold 2000}

silent mist sprays
over our nakedness


sandals in petals
yet he’s so poor
his hat’s a sack {Matsuo Basho}

my starving artist
fills me plenty


sleeping outdoors
with friends
summer constellations {Matsuo Basho}

backs on ticklish grass
seven sisters beaming


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Renga

butterfly moment (troiku – haiga)



sometimes I wish
I was a butterfly
one brief moment

sometimes I wish
one heartfelt scene
and, time would stop

I was a butterfly
one sweet moment
forever prised

one brief moment
seals the heart



Troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

daily reflections February 8 2017

 Embrace the moment  (haiga) Daily Moments February 8 2017 

wish I could vanish
while migraine tiptoes away
thumps above my head

thumps above my head
know not better




when storms abate
inside my head
embracing moments

embracing moments
hearts beating
my friend and I


 Embrace the moment  (haiga) Daily Moments February 8 2017 

leaving autumn – Troibun – Daily Moments -Febuary 5, 2017


Our host, Chèvrefeuille, at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai,  published the two winners of the Autumn Kukai last week. I have to say the winners’ masterpieces truly inspired me today. I find haiku is like an abstract painting. The artist knows what he or she is seeing and feeling at that very moment. The reader is like the admirer of the artist’s work, seeing and feeling the words painted on the canvas.
Both haiku inspired me to write. I could not help but see myself in the moment of each ku. Starting with the runner up, Sara McNulty who is a gifted poetess writing waka as well as other forms. I find her poems make you stop…and think.

steaming gold
on chilled October evening
mug of hot cider

© Sara McNulty

Such a lovely and colourful image I see and remember coming home from school shuffling through falling leaves. The crisp air a sign of the season and walking into GrandMaman’s kitchen…

harvest scents
spiced with her love


I’m reminded of November, where November 1st, All Saints’ Day seems to set the stage. Where saints are remembered and their ghosts hover over cemeteries and barren parks. Where naked trees have shed their colours and long bare arms outstretched like Jesus on the cross, weighs on our hearts. November days, damp and cold has not seen the first snow yet to soften the blow of endings.
tearful skies
November rains
say goodbye

And now, the winner’s haiku, Hamish Gunn who is a published author, storyteller and poet, writes a haiku that speaks to me. Yesterday, I wrote an entry in my personal journal on another blog and “letting go” seems to be a sign the universe is telling me in so many ways.

we learn
from autumn
to let go

© Hamish Gunn

What a thoughtful ku that any reader of any age can relate to in so many ways, starting with …

letting go
autumn leaves
summer love


Any parent knows the feeling the first day you bring your child to daycare or school…that first day, that moment you see your child walk into a new setting without you and you still remember what you felt.

chubby little hand
a world away from home
lets go


Of course at any stage of their lives, you remember those moments. I remember the first day my first-born went to nursery school, the first day at Kindergarten; and then my youngest at fifteen months, going to daycare for a few hours with her brother, wailing, clinging to my breast. Her brother watching over her like a big brother feeling her sorrow tries to make her smile.

tiny tot clings
mysteries of the unknown
pleading eyes well
mother’s reassuring smile
gently lets go


I could go on and on with so many life cycles with those three perfect lines, we learn/from autumn/ letting go but I will end with my mother’s passing in late autumn, on December 2nd, 2014. Typically, in Québec, we consider December winter but officially it is not until December 22nd, the shortest day of the year. So here I share a series of haiku in a form created by our host, Chèvrefeuille, called a Troiku.

mother’s last lesson
listen to leaves falling
in autumn

mother’s last lesson
teaching me
letting go

listen to leaves falling
return one last time
to Mother Earth

in autumn
one last


Daily moments inspired by Hamish and Sara at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Lessons on Letting Go – Troibun Febuary 5, 2017

Daily moments – some truths hurt (troiku) February 4, 2017

naivety hangs on
realness is in every friend
such foolish thinking

naivety hangs on
authenticity and,
goodness reigns

realness is in every friend
in the land of Utopia
such childish thoughts

such foolish thinking
cruel realities


Daily moments – some truths hurt (troiku) February 4, 2017

one moment in time (haibun)

We’ve come to the end of The Pilgrimage, our host, Chèvrefeuille has generously guided us through this journey on the Road to Santiago. Paulo found his sword at the right moment.

[…]”…And when I think about it, I guess it is true that people always arrive at the right moment at the place where someone awaits them.” […] (Source: The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho)

Our host writes:
the sound of rain
on young leaves of Ivy
I bow my head

© Chèvrefeuille


They spent the day in the sun planting seeds of various vegetables. Bent over with their straw hats, mother with her white Ralph Lauren sunglasses, the little three year old in her polka dot sundress and heart shaped sunglasses.

“Ah phew! That’s sure a lot of vegetables, Mommy!”

She beamed at her little helper, “Come, sweetheart, let’s sit in the shade. I`ll bring you a Popsicle.”

Sitting under the old maple tree, her chin in her chubby hand, staring at the garden for a long moment, she asked, “Mommy, when will the green beans start growing?”

“It will take time, sweetheart, about sixty sleeps depending on the weather.”

Obvious disappointment painted on her sun kissed face; she quickly lost interest and ran to play in the sandbox.

rose tipped buds
tender beginnings
nature’s way
one moment in time
coming to flower


CDHK ~ The Pilgrimage ~ arriving at the right moment

the ear sees (haibun)

An interesting exercise Petrus gives to Paulo especially when he makes him close his eyes to listen to him tell a story. Not for a moment can he open his eyes and he can smell the oil from the old locomotive where they are sitting…and he listens.

When I think of listening, I cannot help but be reminded of the work I do. Seventeen years ago, I would strain my ears to listen to a caller tell his story. The strain was not to hear the words, it was the body language I was used to that now I had to learn to hear it through the phone. Within months, my hearing became sharper and grew a lense to see. I could hear the frown and sadness at the beginning of a phone call and after a long time…minutes or hours, I could hear an image of this person who had transformed at the end of the call.

tears echo
soft whimpering
telling a tale

telling a tale
a story long overdue
that slow release
as she says goodnight
I can hear a smile


CDHK – Listening – The Pilgrimage

disturbing leader (troiku)

what’s his name (troiku)

disturbing leader
frightened neighbours
flooded with worry

disturbing leader
filled with to0 much
of himself

frightened neighbours
strategizing as we speak
the world is watching

flooded with worry
bullies aren’t supposed to win
when will he be stopped?


Haiku Horizons: Flood

imagine the paths in life – daily moments

On the Road to Santiago
On the Road to Santiago


on different paths
travellers worldwide
one destination

on different paths
straight, winding or perilous
meet at one crossroad

travellers worldwide
speaking in different tongues
hold the same map

one destination
everyone will soon arrive
in their own time


Daily Moments – Reflections on spiritual journeys – January 29 2017

CDHK On the road to Santiago

spellbound (tanka)

The Pyranees - The French Way
The Pyranees – The French Way

We are inspired by the photo above to continue on the Road to Santiago:


the road to Santiago
along mountain sides
roused by the clunk of stones
more pilgrims leave their mark


CDHK The Pilgrimage – a Milestone marker – Imagine this

a moment in time (tanka)

I love this section of the book where Paulo Coelho not only describes the picturesque scene in the mountain but all the activity, a shepherd, the sheep and the old castle.
I remember reading where Petrus tells Paulo, The House of the Lord has many mansions and it goes on to elaborate the Knights Templar towards the turn of the fourteenth century believed in putting a stop to the fight and division of the three religions of that time, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. When I read this I was not surprised these knights were arrested under false pretenses for the world (King and Pope) were certainly not ready to accept such a great idea…way too threatening. And yet, eight centuries later and we are still far from that utopic idea. Greed, vengeance and entitlement get muddled in the mix. A recent unnamed leader has fallen from the path.

{…}“Their spiritual devotion, in turn, had allowed the Knights Templar to understand the great truth that Petrus had quoted the night before: that the house of the Lord has many mansions. They sought to put an end to religious conflict and to unite the main monotheistic religions of the time: Christian, Jewish, and Islamic. Their chapels were built with the rounded cupola of the Judaic temples of Solomon, the octagonal walls of the Arab mosques, and the naves that were typical of Christian churches.”{…} (Source: The Pilgrimage, Paulo Coelho)

This is the scene our host has given to us for inspiration:

[…] “We arrived one afternoon at the ruins of an old castle of the Order of the Knights Templar. We sat down to rest, and while Petrus smoked his usual cigarette, I drank a bit of the wine leftover from lunch. I studied the view that surrounded us: a few peasant houses, the tower of the castle, the undulating fields ready for sowing. To my right appeared a shepherd, guiding his flock past the walls of the castle, bound for home. The sky was red, and the dust raised by the animals blurred the view, making it look like a dream or a magic vision. The shepherd waved to us, and we waved back. The sheep passed in front of us and continued down the road. …. It was an impressive scene … “ […] (Source: The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho)

on the road
life plays out in a blur
past to present
beauty in the making
a promising future

I think Petrus believed eventually there is hope for a future of peace in a world accepting the Lord’s many mansions. I would like to think that too, if only, for the purpose of this exercise.


CDHK – The Pilgrimage – that moment


Poets unite (troiku)

In this section of the book, The Pilgrimage, Paulo tells us about the crimes and robberies committed along The Road to Santiago. Knights began protecting travellers but there was a time the knights competed among themselves. They would challenge each other and do the fighting on a bridge to ensure they did not retreat.
However, I like the last comment by our host, Chèvrefeuille, as it reflects so much of his selfless dedication to hosting haiku meme where poets from all over the world unite and form a family.


“Bridges … bring people from different sides together, in a way our Haiku Kai can be compared with a bridge. Here we come together, haiku poets from all over the globe … we have build virtual bridges from a lot of countries to here … and I am proud of it.” Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


poets unite
all faiths, cultures and language
under one form

poets unite
under one master
perfecting waka

all faiths, cultures and language
capturing a moment
in nature

under one form
searching  a season word
five seven five


CDHK – The Pilgrimage – The Bridge

Troiku is a new Haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille.

mind over matter (troibun)

Our host, Chèvrefeuille from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai shares a passage from The Pilgrimage for this prompt “Beyond Control”:

Beyond control … that’s the title of this episode …. And it refers to something I read in “The Pilgrimage”. During his journey, his pilgrimage, Paulo encounters several difficulties beyond control. One day he is attacked by a horrible dog and he remains with wounded hands. That same dog encounters him many times and one day he goes to a gypsy fortuneteller to ask her why this dog is so many times on his path. It turns out that this dog is his demon, his back-pack, he still has to carry. That dog will leave him alone only when he conquers his fears, his pride, his greed and more. CDHK: Beyond Control


Life has been strained lately. Thank goodness, her passion for her work in serving is still alive and well. However, day to day life is tainted with should’s and should nots at so many levels; it feels like walking in a maze where only rats seem to know there way around. She tries not to bump into any toxic pillars in her daily life.

And so, she decides to imagine herself an innocent caterpillar on a tree branch trying to rest peacefully until a flock of crows decide to have a cawing party in her tree! It is getting fairly loud listening to them try to out caw each other. She is trying very hard to blend with the colours of the branch so she is not part of their party snacks. She is feeling a bit too exposed yet nowhere to go.

caterpillar halts
powerless and trapped
fear prevails

She then decides to fight the good fight and confront her fears. Her sword is laughter that turns later to beauty. She shares humorous scenarios with some friends and together their laughter breaks down the power of her fears. No longer feeling threatened, she retreats into her own world of beauty.

© Clr'15
© Clr’17


caterpillar crawls
dreaming of butterflies
suckling sweet nectar

caterpillar crawls
pausing with anticipation

dreaming of butterflies
all living things imagine
patient blossoms

suckling sweet nectar
taking pleasure
a hummingbird too


Daily Moments – thoughts and reflections on fear

A troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille from CDHK. To learn more, click here.

moment of grace (haibun)

the dreamer
never dreaming
to live a dream
leaving everyone else
behind in the future

long meadow
is too short to hold
the emptiness
of leaving a family
longing for their faces

high in the mountains
suspended over the valley
even spirits
smoothing the paths
toe to heel, toe to heel

ocean breezes
a coolness blowing inland
my message
meets hers mid-air
the tie that binds

© Jane Reichhold (taken from: She Alone)

Jane’s book “She Alone” describes a trip her daughter, Heidi, made into the Sierra Mountains. Between the stories Jane created tanka like the ones above.

Here is my haibun inspired by her masterpiece.


They decided to go on a hike up Owl’s Head . She knew her daughter was not an athletic type. But one thing they both had in common, appreciating the clean air of the forest. It would just be a bit more tiresome to savour it on the mountain…was it all worth it, she wondered, hearing her daughter grumble?

panting up the slope
soft breeze whistles
through the trees
awestruck suddenly
a doe freezes on their trail

tender moment
between mother and daughter
holding their gaze
would have been redundant

presence of Abenaki spirit
circling at the peak
brush of white feathers
snowy owl flaps its wings



summertime (haibun)

Image result for trapeze sailing
Sailing Magazine


They felt like lovers again for twenty four hours. The children were at their Nanny’s and so they took advantage of the sunny day with that steady breeze from the South. Sailing in the morning was heaven. The breeze picked up in the afternoon, so they suited up with their trapeze harnesses for an afternoon of pure exciting bliss. They had smeared their bodies with sun block but she ran into a surprise that evening.

sailing rendezvous
babe swaddled in her harness
sun kissed face
painfully learns the hard way
her lips were on fire!

It was only then, she discovered Zinc clear sunscreen SPF 50 for lips was the wise choice for sailors and lifeguards.  They still went to Old Montreal for a late night dinner, walking on the cobblestone streets and when the fire started to be unmanageable, he searched among pharmacies to give her relief.

cooling her lips
serves her ice chips all night long
warming her heart

© Tournesol’17/01/26

Carpe Diem #1132 ‘The wrong answer will indicate the right one.’ (Petrus)

I was going to share Kiss of Fire by Louis Armstrong, but I discovered this singer last week and Summertime seems appropriate for this haibun.  I hope you will enjoy Andrea Motis as much as I do

a friend forever…(free verse- haiku)


As you wear your Eternity scarf, think of me…

Friends come into our lives for a reason,
some friendships last but a season
you know, that passage in one’s life
when we can share a similar strife?

some friendships last for a lifetime
like those spangled stars that shine
never ever required to question
always knowing that compassion
between two loyal soulmates
can never ever be broken
because the seeds were sown
possibly many lives ago

our challenges and suffering
our passion for our families
our undying love for offspring
but most of all our special bond
enduring and transparent
will always always stand
every test of time
now and forever…
© Cheryl-Lynn ’17/01/25

sown with care
on fertile ground

on fertile ground
fostered to fulfilment
budding promise

budding promise
stretching every petal
coming into flower

coming into flower
it’s time to migrate
enrich new ground


on fertile ground/at Jeunesse Jécoute/you blossomed/ it’s now time to multiply / all the beauty of your heart

Ce n’est pas un au revoir, à plus…mon amie

creative process (haibun) The Pilgrimage “Intuition”

Years ago, she took painting classes as a prerequisite for art therapy. She’d never had an art class in school and was not sure what to expect. The teacher would put on music and ask the students to simply let the music move them. She was always surprised three hours later when she was asked to clean her brushes, the class had ended. Three hours passed like fifteen minutes. Using the creative side of your brain seems to stop time.

melodies of strings
transported to the heavens
guiding brush strokes


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – The Pilgrimage “Intuition”