after the storm (haiku – troiku)


looks in the mirror
puffy eyes and mouth,
after the storm

after the storm
a thousand “I’m sorry’s”
sounds of white noise

in the looking glass
shades of black and blue
after the storm

in the looking glass
stranger stares back
void of life

shades of black and blue
dreams of rainbow colours
pretends life is fine

after the storm
a hundred and one promises
until the next

© Tournesol’15

Haiku Horizons “after”

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #62 Troiku

26 thoughts on “after the storm (haiku – troiku)”

  1. Violence is portrayed so strongly here., Very good verse but terrible situation. I have often had great dificulty coming to terms with the fact that ”men” beat wives or to a certain extent the opposite, but realistically less. I often look at flaws in modern society, away from nature, and wonder if this is one, or if it is ”traditional.”


    1. I had originally written this for HaikuHorizons with the word prompt “after” but then I saw CP with troiku …I know it is not such sadness that should be in haiku though. I seem to have this on my mind a lot these days…wrote a free verse on my other blog last week

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  2. Turns out I found your multiple haiku after all. What a powerful piece of writing – it really stings.


    1. Thanks, Suzanne…I did this in the morning…well, actually my muse just took over…it is the multiple images that took a long time, I was never happy with the results.


      1. It is amazing how much time can go on blogging when you get inspired. Sometimes I think I am wasting my time then I get some great comments and feel my efforts aren’t in vain. Blogging is a great venue for exercising the muse, that’s for sure.
        Making the images does take time too. As for being happy with the results, the more I write haiga the more I am finding the original ones I post on my blog are a kind of draft haiga. Often I go back and rework the image or fine tune the words – sometimes months later.
        One I wrote for 30 doh this week was like that.
        I have been playing around with the image and the haiku to go with it on and off all year. Finally I think I wrote something that conveyed what I was groping towards.


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