talk (haiku)

© Clr '15 Gorging Seagulls
© Clr ’15 Gorging Seagulls

talking in bird language…


nature’s morning call

hen party
heckle about this and that

speed of its wings

gorging over litter

boasting black beauty

In this area in Quebec it is forbidden to hunt wild turkey past noon because they are more vulnerable…it is a time they are often found napping in a tree.

afternoon freedom
safe from hunters
turkeys yelp

Humans talk (communicate) in varied ways…


business meetings
teaching, lecturing
no talking in class

baby’s first words
talking gibberish
toddlers understand

instant message texting
teen talk

lyrics soothe the heart
love songs

tête à tête
holding hands lovingly
warm caresses

sexual healing
communion of bodies
gentle moans

matters of the heart
talking softly
language of love

© Tournesol ’15

Written for Poetry 101 Rehab – Prompt is Talk

16 thoughts on “talk (haiku)”

      1. One of these days … I would just love to be able to meet all the friends I’ve met on the net just so we could have that cuppa together.


      2. I have met three already! I would love to meet up with a group sometime…maybe find a spot that is not too far for all of us. Now that`s too funny …we would have to meet in the middle of the ocean somewhere:)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. If I ever win the lottery… I’ll figure something out 😉

        Maybe buy a private island resort for a week or more and fly everyone to it? Now that’s an idea 🙂


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