goose feathers embrace (troibun)

Georgia (BastetamdSekhmet)  has been my friend from afar (Italy) and mentor in writing poetry of every form, having first discovered her through prompts at “We drink because we’re Poets”. It is through her I learned more about haiku and discovered Carpe Diem. I especially enjoy her morning haiku and  waka (Japanese poetry form) and here is one that I have chosen to share. This morning waka inspired me to compose this troiku.

morning chill
raindrops fall on these flowers
awaiting May warmth

laying in bed
listening to the raindrops
warm under the sheets
drifting in and out of sleep
so hard to leave my dreams

those chiming bells
echoing in this loneliness
their hollow call

© G.s.k. ‘16

vignette of mom signed

I chose this haiku and waka because it reminded me when I  would wake up from a  nice dream.  Many times I could go back to sleep and pick up from where I left off…but when my deceased mom visits in my sleep, I cannot seem to bring her back.

new dawn grips
throws me in hibernation
goose feathers embrace

new dawn grips
wilted petal drops
ending my dream

throws me in hibernation
seeking what is familiar
her warm presence

goose feathers embrace
playing make-believe
Mother’s still here


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