Variations of creation

Nunavik Tourism

The budding flower come springtime
the eggs we eat every day
larvae, maggots may look like slime
all have their place in their own way
the pupa, fawn, owlet and nymph
all mark the start of vital roles
we know not all to what their goals;
the pup, the calf, kits and tadpoles
the fry, the kid, and joey`s start
in life they ask but just to thrive…
slow motion of the caterpillar
observing magic in the making
those of our great divine creator,
turning this worm into a butterfly,
a mystery, we just not ask why,
lending regard fittingly due
of God`s creation every day.
Do not compare or denigrate
stick out  your chest with false bravado
sneer not at fawn, piglet or farrow
assuming they`re subordinate;
the colt, lamb, eaglet and tumbler
all have their place among the ether;
I could go on and on this way
but know you haven`t got all day.
Presuming all of God`s creations
and every living breathing thing
’tis not just babes of human beings
worthy of ripples in exaltation,
we all are part of God`s creation
much bigger than we`ll ever know.
mere spec of some greater foundation
we`ll never see until we go
to parts unknown to feeble minds
yet some have witnessed a shining glow
before departing this earth in kind…
white radiant glow that they have seen
and smiled before their souls took flight
I know! I saw Grand-Papa smile
and whispered he had seen the light.
Creation here on earth is slight
of greater magnitude thereof
some day we`ll know but until then
we`ll try to figure out the night
celestial skies that sparkle bright.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2014/02/18

Poetry Prompt #011 Creation

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