Daily moments ~ shady dreams~ Troiku + solo no renga September 26 2017

sinking deeper
well of uncertainty
darkness cradles me

sinking deeper
gravity takes control
mocking me

well of uncertainty
taunting me with promise
empty like the well

darkness cradles me
acquiescent and submissive
I sleep

I sleep
fingers pointing
a mother’s look

mocking and contriving
faces in my dreams

cringing with self-doubt
know not what to do
praying to wake up

shrill of morning calling
finally in the greyness

is my darkness
holding me together





5 thoughts on “Daily moments ~ shady dreams~ Troiku + solo no renga September 26 2017

  1. Darkness can be a great companion, giving us time and space to find ourselves among the ruble that is our own humanity. And, darkness never judges, nor does it push.


  2. There was one night this week I had the weirdest of dreams. A woman I knew in high school, triplets two of which were conjoined twins and one the third had 6 arms. where did that come from?


    • Oh wow! What an interesting dream. 6 arms too eh? If you look at it the holistic (Ghestalt way) you are each thing in the dream. I wonder if you are wishing you had more time and arms or that you are doing too much…hmmm


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