Dear Emma, we have arrived! (Haibun)

Dear Emma, we have arrived!!

The flight was long as is to be expected with a 5 ½ hour flight but at least I did not have a connection to delay my arrival. For some reason I am usually cold with the air blowing overhead but today it was so hot. I really wanted to get some sleep even if it were just a 40 winks and so I listened to a soothing mantra that lasts one hour and I dozed on and off, on and off…waking up just in time to catch a pic here and there of the heavenly scene from my window.

I kept thinking to myself, “If this is heaven” you know like what they show in movies, “Then this must be where my mom is.” The more I was mesmerized by the images before me, I kept imagining my mother’s face bobbing up and down smiling at me from outside floating on a cloud. I imagined her walking and skipping on the clouds with my step-father holding her hand.

Puffs and swirls
Billowing like puff daddy
Hypnotic delight

©Tournesol ‘18/05/29

10 thoughts on “Dear Emma, we have arrived! (Haibun)

  1. Tournesol, I love the stunning photos of the clouds. It’s been quite awhile since I caught a plane, but no matter how old I get, I can’t see myself losing that childish sense of awe looking out the window at the clouds.
    Best wishes,


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